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BuddyPress User Profile Tabs Creator Pro 1.3.0 Report Newer Version
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Create and manage BuddyPress user profile tabs(BuddyPress Components) with ease.

Extend BuddyPress, Integrate third party plugins, add new BuddyPress Components, add new BuddyPress user profile tab without writing any code.

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Version 1.3.0 Created
System Changed 2021-11-15
Website Homepage Developer BuddyDev
License GNU/GPL Original Price in Developer Site 49 $ EUR

Take Control of BuddyPress User Profile Tabs.

  • You can add new BuddyPress component or profile tabs.
  • You can modify existing profile tabs.
  • Unlimited tabs/ tab subnavs.
  • You can add new sub navs to existing tabs(Tabs originally added by BuddyPress or 3rd party plugins).
  • You can modify existing sub nav items(Added by BuddyPress or 3rd party plugins).

Simple & intuitive interface for creating/managing tabs.

Simple & intuitive interface.

  • Access it from Dashboard->Users->Profile Tabs.
  • Self explanatory options for adding new tabs.
  • Detailed documentation to help you achieve your goal.

Add unlimited new profile tabs.

Without writing any code.

  • Add new profile tab with a click.
  • Add unlimited sub tabs(subnav) for a tab.
  • Control visibility and availability of the profile tab like a pro.

Modify existing profile tabs & sub navs with ease.

Do it like a boss.

  • Modify label, position.
  • Set as default component.
  • Modify existing sub nav items for the component.
  • Add new sub nav items for the component.

Effortlessly add content using Visual rich text editor.

It is flexible.

  • You can add any type of content(text, videos, images, docuemnt, or anything that you want) .
  • You can use html or text mode.
  • You can use shortcodes to generate dynamic content.
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