WooCommerce Quick Order 1.4.6
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Do you have customers who know what they want to purchase? Our WooCommerce Quick Order Plugin might help you with this. With our plugin your users can search by SKU or Name for products and buy them all in once. Furthermore you can create dynamic Quick Order Tables for all your products to make purchasing faster.

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Version 1.4.6 Created
Changed 2023-06-11
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Quick Order Search

Quick order search helps your customers to look for products by name or SKU and quickly buy them.

Quick Order Table

Show a quick order table with all, category or product specific products.

Table Filtering & Export

Use DataTable filtering, sorting or search functionalities if you want.

Export Tables

Export Tables as PDF, Word, Excel, Print, CSV or copy to Clipboard.

Add Multiple to Cart

Add Multiple Products to cart with checking the checkbox.

AJAX Add to Cart

AJAX Add to Cart for compatibility with Caching plugins.

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