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How to Use the Bootstrap 4 Framework Report Newer Version
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Bootstrap is the most popular design framework in the world. Bootstrap is an HTML, CSS and Javascript framework that allows you to create clean-looking websites.

Bootstrap provides pre-built code that solves many of the tricky elements, such as responsiveness, that slow down web projects.

This class is the perfect introduction for anyone who wants to start using Bootstrap.

These videos will show you how to use Bootstrap 4's grid system, and responsive features. You'll also learn how to customize forms, menus, buttons and text.

  • Chapter 1: Introduction
    • Introduction to the Bootstrap 4 Class
    • Setting Up Your First Bootstrap Page
  • Chapter 2: The Bootstrap Grid System
    • Understanding the Bootstrap Grid System
    • The Difference Between Fixed and Fluid Design
    • Creating Bootstrap Rows and Cells, Part 1
    • Creating Bootstrap Rows and Cells, Part 2
    • Using Column Off-sets in Bootstrap
    • Changing the Stack Order in Bootstrap
    • How to Nest Bootstrap Cells Inside Other Cells
    • How to Horizontally Align Cells in a Row
    • How to Vertically Align Cells in a Row
  • Chapter 3: Bootstrap Components
    • Setting up a Jumbotron Element in Bootstrap
    • Creating Cards in Bootstrap
    • Using Bootstrap's Media Object
  • Chapter 4: CSS in Bootstrap
    • Introducing the Default CSS in Bootstrap
    • Creating Buttons in Bootstrap
    • Manipulating Images in Bootstrap
    • Simple CSS Overrides in Bootstrap
  • Chapter 5: Bootstrap Menus
    • Introduction to Bootstrap Navigation
    • Bootstrap Navigation Tabs and Pills
    • Building a Responsive Navbar in Bootstrap
    • Add Dropdowns to Bootstrap Navigation
  • Boostrap Summary
    • Summary of the Bootstrap Course
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