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Edwiser Bridge Bundle 2.1.0 Report Newer Version
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Easily Sell Moodle Courses to Learners Around the World

Create a Complete e-commerce Store & Automate Course Selling using WordPress & Edwiser Bridge

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Version 2.1.0 Created
System Changed 2021-06-21
Website Homepage Developer IreneCore
License GNU/GPL Original Price in Developer Site 108 $ EUR

Sell Moodle courses globally with multiple payment gateways

Create Paid Courses

Easily sell your Moodle courses across the globe via multiple gateways without any geographical restrictions by integrating Edwiser Bridge with WooCommerce. It’s handy, real quick, and most importantly a super-secure method to sell and market your courses to a wider audience.
Plugin required: Edwiser Bridge Bundle

Manage discounts, coupons and sell course bundles to earn good profits

Sell Courses in an e-commerce set up

Create a complete digital storefront of your Moodle courses, optimize your course pages, and easily sell your courses on WordPress by integrating WooCommerce. Sell individual courses, or a bundle, without the hassle of investing in other extensions, through an e-commerce store that seamlessly integrates with your Moodle LMS.
Plugin required: Edwiser Bridge Bundle

Sell all kinds of courses – eBooks, Certificates, Video courses anything

Set up a Shopfront

Setting up an online shopfront for Moodle becomes painless. With a user-friendly WordPress interface you can sell Moodle courses, supporting course material as physical products, with ease.
Plugin required: Edwiser Bridge Bundle

Generate recurring revenue with subscription courses

Woocommerce Subscription

Sell more and maximize your elearning profits by selling your Moodle courses as subscriptions. The renewed compatibility with WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin allows you to set up monthly or yearly subscriptions on courses and generate recurring revenue on every renewal.
Plugin required: Edwiser Bridge Bundle

Better onboarding with easy login/logout

Simultaneously Login/Logout

Whether you log in or logout from Moodle or WordPress, the other ecosystem will follow whatever you do. It simultaneously logs you in or logs you out. Do away with login hassles as you can provide your learners with the same set of login credentials for Moodle as well as WordPress. This saves time which otherwise could possibly be spent on seeking password-related support or hopping between Moodle and WordPress with separate passwords.
Plugin required: Edwiser Bridge Bundle

Save time by registering multiple students at once

Easy enrollment of multiple students

Register multiple students to a course purchased in bulk using a CSV file, saving you the time and effort of having to enter student information one at a time and reducing the chances of an error.
Plugin required: Edwiser Bridge Bundle

Manage Courses and Users from either Moodle or WordPress

2-Way Synchronization

Now import & manage your online courses over WordPress, with just One Click. 2-way Management also ensures you can sync courses and user data with absolute ease.
Plugin required: Edwiser Bridge Bundle

Get convenience with easy bulk synchronization

Selective synchronize categories

Similar to synchronizing individual courses, you can filter courses based on course categories and synchronize all courses for a particular category at once.
Plugin required: Edwiser Bridge Bundle

Sell courses with the most trusted payment gateway

Easy payments

Receive and manage payments and provide refunds through the world’s most trusted payment gateway – PayPal. Track your order management, transaction history and manage everything with PayPal.

Sell more with Bulk Course Purchase option

Bulk Course Purchase

Build a loyal base of users that bank on you and keep coming back to you. You can now sell more courses by offering course bundles and earn even better. Provide discounts to your users when they purchase multiple courses from your course library – A surefire way to increase your earning potential as well as user satisfaction
Plugin required: Edwiser Bridge Bundle

Superior engagement with quick and easy registration

Social Login

You essentially cut down on the tedious process of creating an account every time, to increase sign-ups, eliminate the need to remember passwords, and improve overall UX. So, instead of using email id for authenticating and creating user credentials, your users can directly login using FB and/or Google IDs
Plugin required: Edwiser Bridge Bundle

Don’t miss any user enrollment data

Syncs the enrollment data of pre-existing Moodle users and updates in WordPress

Streamline your course administration by selectively opting for a specific number of users and sync them to update their statuses. The accounts will be linked to WordPress and the course enrollment status will be updated automatically.
Plugin required: Edwiser Bridge Bundle

Seamlessly integrate Moodle with WordPress

One-Click Integration

Linking Moodle with WordPress in one click sounds unreal yet possible with Edwiser Bridge! Post-installation it’s just a matter of including using one simple setting following which the integration is ready to use

Save Time and Extra Effort With Easy Refunds

Notification email for refunds

Sit back and relax as our direct refunds will save you a lot of trouble. The direct refund functionality enables an admin to process refunds directly, for orders that are placed via Edwiser Bridge. Your money is safe with the system. You can also customize the email template that is sent to a student/client on a refund.

Sync important details from WooCommerce Checkout

Sync custom fields

You can now create custom fields in the WooCommerce checkout page and synchronize important details such as Passport number, Tax number, etc to the Moodle site in the user’s profile from WordPress.

Simplify your course selling with easy sync of course categories

Synchronize course categories

Course selling is a breeze once you have your Moodle course categories synchronized with WordPress. Define the course categories and set the desired price to simply sell your courses right away. This will be visible with the price tag to your students in the front end facilitating instant purchase

Efficiently categorize paid courses

Course and Course category migration

Edwiser Bridge leaves no room for confusion. The process of managing, accessing, and discovering courses is more straightforward now – helps both teachers/admins and students. You can easily categorize your courses on WordPress and assign these categories to your imported Moodle courses too.

Easily import courses to be sold

Import Courses as Draft

Edwiser Bridge allows uninterrupted import of Moodle courses to WordPress by selecting ‘Synchronize Courses as Drafts’ following which courses in Moodle will be imported to WordPress

Administer better with easy access to the status of courses

Course Status Access

Running an e-learning initiative with improved regulation is simpler now. Reduce your administrative overheads with Edwiser Bridge. It allows for a better course and user management by providing a quick and easy bird’s eye view of the different statuses of courses whether – Free, Paid, or Closed

Control, set, or keep track of expiry of courses

Course expiry access

With Edwiser Bridge, you can set up course expiry access or suspend courses for a user or a group of users. You can even regulate access to specific courses or a single course of yours for a limited time period. This guarantees smooth WordPress & Moodle management

Achieve convenience with trouble-free sign-ups

Automatic Registration

Edwiser Bridge makes it so much more convenient as it eliminates the hassle to sign up on both platforms. You only need to register on either of the sites and you’re good to go! Users that register and purchase a course on WordPress get automatically registered on the Moodle LMS with Edwiser Bridge.

Personalized user interaction with better content

Show Recommended courses

Maximize the value of your e-learning business by recommending relevant courses to your learners and also to improve the overall learning experience – a great way to impact course shopping patterns and enhance user interaction quality with the delivery of relevant targeted course content

Easily check Moodle-WordPress Connection

Test connection between Moodle and WordPress

This configuration or setting allows you to do a quick check and test the connection between WordPress and Moodle to make sure that they are successfully integrated

Accomplish complex tasks with little to no effort


Shortcodes will help you with easy implementation and reduce management efforts. It allows you to have direct access to complete user details on a single page.

Stay updated with course-purchase and user details

Courses purchased by the user

A dedicated page/section where course buyers get to sell all the courses that they have purchased along with access them with one single click

Hassle-free sync of user data with Moodle

Data gets synced with Moodle

This eliminates the need to yo-yo back and forth between Moodle and WordPress. On making a course purchase on WordPress, the user gets automatically registered with the Moodle LMS

Control pricing and sell courses for free

Sell free Courses

Edwiser Bridge provides you the option to seamlessly assign and control pricing of your courses.You can easily sell your courses for free

Sell your courses securely

Paid Course

Edwiser Bridge is integrated with PayPal so that you can sell courses through the PayPal payment gateway – a trusty gateway that you can bank on anytime. The PayPal pop up opens up for paid courses with which your students can make 100% safe and secure payments, that too without the pain of converting their currencies

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